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Generating 3D roof meshes from aerial LIDAR data

This is my graduation project I did in computer science. The goal was to come up with a method to generate 3D meshes of building roofs from point cloud data. The point cloud data was taken with aerial LIDAR scanners and is available online. In addition, I used building layout polygons, which are also available as open data. I tested several strategies to generate a mesh and I’ll explain the best one in this post. Continue reading

Work in progress: Location based online game

Screenshot (21)This is a game prototype I’m currently working on. The game is played online, on a real world map and the location of the player is also the location ingame, just like in Ingress.
I know that making an online game like this is an ambitious goal and it will probably never be finished, but this prototype is a good way for me to test the game mechanic and see what works and what doesn’t.

The prototype is a web app and doesn’t yet use the player’s location, meaning they can interact anywhere on the map. If all works out, I’ll make a mobile client, which will be the actual game.

The game is about finding resources and mining them. I’m trying to make the resource locations meaningful and related to the real world. So I wrote an engine that procedurally distributes resources on the map, based on map data provided by Open Street Map. This allows me to define rules like “Resource 1 can be found at water fountains near public parks”, or “Resource 2 can be found only in forests and only within 100 meters of a school” and so on. Here is an example:
Screenshot (5)

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Game prototypes

I’d like to share two game prototypes I made a few years ago. The first one is based on Tetris:

It was written in C++ with bare-bones OpenGL. Once you press shift, the game enters a “fast mode”, where the down button takes a piece all the way down and if you don’t press it for three seconds, it will drop where it is. This is meant to be a fast-paced version of the original Tetris.

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Aquarium Innensicht mit Gopro

Wegen meinem Quadrocopter habe ich eine Gopro, die ja auch wasserfest ist. Da war es naheliegend, die mal im Aquarium auszuprobieren. Bei dem Aquarium stand einiges an Arbeit an, da das Glasbecken undicht war, und alles komplett ausgeräumt werden muss, um das Becken auszutauschen.


Ich bin seit diesem Semester Student und in der Uni dauern Vorlesungen immer 90 Minuten, von “viertel nach” bis “viertel vor”. Da kam mir die Idee, dass man eine Uhr bräuchte, die nicht den Fortschritt der aktuellen Stunde, sondern den der aktuellen Vorlesung zeigt. Dazu habe ich schnell diese App zusammengecodet:

Screenshot_2013-11-30-17-42-19  Screenshot_2013-11-30-17-42-28

Die App zeigt die verbleibende Zeit oder den Fortschritt an und merkt sich den Namen der Veranstaltung und zeigt ihn nächste Woche zur selben Zeit wieder an. Und es gibt ein spezielles Feature für meinen Mathe-Prof, bei dem die Vorlesung nicht 90, sondern 95 Minuten dauert. Das Design ist dem der Stock-Uhr von Android 4 nachempfunden.

Download: Android-App, Source code